With the rising demand from the customers for a better Waist Training vest that can compress the waist and boost their curves, we have brought this amazing Vest for extra large sizes. In an instant, you can compress up to three inches of your waist with this vest. The results will absolutely amaze you.


It is not easy to get Perfect curves and hourglass shape. The Trainer is designed in such a manner that it produces Large compression and you get the perfect shape. It can reduce your waist upto 3 inches which I think will surely make you look stunning. You can wear it under your garments as well as while your workout sessions. The heating effect caused by the Later vest boosts up the perspiration effect around your abdomen and waistline. This, in turn, helps you in burning more calories even if you do mild exercise or your routine homemaking work.


The Waist trainer has a unique design comprising of tensile steel bone. The Steel corset combined with latex helps in maintaining the hourglass figure along with providing comfort in your day to day activities. The vest is adjustable with the large 3-row closure that provides it support even when your size changes to an extent.




  • Your body attains absolute hourglass shape immediately
  • Reduces the Waistline up to 1-3 inches
  • Produces heat around your core portion
  • Boasts perspiration while High as well as mild level Exercises
  • Cuts off belly and handles
  • Improves Posture and support back




  • Reduces your waist using a high compression technique
  • Flexible thin steel boning (9) for powerful shaping
  • 3 rows of large hook-and-eye closures
  • Cotton-spandex lining absorbs moisture and feels soft against your skin