The vest is crafted to created thermal effect over your abdomen, waistline and back portion. The sweat produced due to the heating effect is absorbed by the cotton cover present inside the vest. It has a great comfort level and helps in improving your body posture. You can wear it during your workout sessions as well. It is very effective and comfortable that you will surely love this Slimming vest. The slimming effect around your waist and the improved body structure will absolutely amaze you. You can also wear it for special functions apart from the daily use.


Looking for your dream body shape?


The  Latex hourglass vest cinches your waist to provide stunning shape and desirable curves. It helps in compressing the waist to inches and get a perfect hourglass shape in no time. The reinforced hook column and closures of the eye provide support to the vest that makes it absolutely comfortable to wear ever for a long time.


The product is designed so that it fits just under the bust so you have the freedom to wear any kind of bra. The vest provides major support to the back and the bust through wide straps and reinforced seams. Comfort is never compromised as the vest compress the waist with perfect pair form.




  • Noticeable reduction of the waistline while wearing it
  • Better Posture that enhances confidence
  • Supports Bust
  • Helps in weight loss after Pregnancy




  • Underbust Design
  • Inches of Compression around back, abdomen, and waist
  • Hook and eye closure
  • Back support